2022 Human:Level is an experiment that combines performance, theater, and video games. The player character is replaced by an actor. A mixture of real and projected space creates an augmented reality on stage as well as a game level on the player‘s computer monitor. The question arises of how a computer, whether as a medium …


roboter, router, rasberry pi´s, video monitor, steel frame, wires, website, poster, flyer, catalouge

Der Souffleur

light sculpture
Glass head, diving mask, steel frame, light, base
20 cm x 40 cm x 120 cm

9:10 O´clock

performance together with Mario Ohno
7:38 min.; SD Videodocumentation, 16:9
different theorie text, megaphon

15 minutes

interactive web-performance
webserver, website, webcam, notebook, PC, software, suit, hat
each about 15 min.