Human:Level is an experiment that combines performance, theater, and video games. The player character is replaced by an actor. A mixture of real and projected space creates an augmented reality on stage as well as a game level on the player‘s computer monitor. The question arises of how a computer, whether as a medium or content, alters decisions between people. The player becomes the victim of the players who become perpetrators. The game addresses our actions in climate change and our personal role in it.
Human:Level connects the analog and digital space in new and innovative ways. The avatar/actor/player is connected live to the player‘s activities via an in-ear monitor and implements them within the framework of the scripts. These scripts allow the player to move freely and guide the avatar through the plot. Actions in the real space are followed by reactions in the digital game world. Live streaming is made possible by a mobile camera. By mixing real and projected space, an augmented reality is created live on stage for the audience, as well as game content for the players on their monitor. Through the Twitch broadcast, Human:Level is presented to an online audience that actively influences the players‘ decision-making.