The Night

photo series
2009 – continuing
pigmentprint on fineart paper, aluminiumdibond
1/10+1 and 1/7+1, signed, numbered
each 30 cm tall

At nighttime the highly industrial areas are lit up by a great number of artificial lights. This artificial lighting exists 24/7, even when it’s not actually needed. The picture sequence ´the Night´ uses this lighting as artistic effect. The ongoing series consists of pictures taken on weekdays between 1am and 4am to make this kind of illumination accessible during every hour of the day.
Therefore, the floodlights, which still lights up the sky of the former airport Berlin Tempelhof builds a light aura in front of barbed wire. The Mercedes-Benz manufactory in Sindelfingen has a white daylight illumination which  contrasts in between the regular yellow city lights.