SmART City


SmART City is an initiative by the “Kollektiv Marvin” which consists of the artists Fabian Kühfuß, Clair Bötschi, Fabian Brose and Christoph Wetzel. The art project uses different layers of communication to work on the technological and digital changes in the smart city of tomorrow.
Smart City describes a development concept that aims to make cities more efficient, technologically more advanced and even greener. The art project creates a smart city that is highly intelligent and digitally networked but does not function according to the usual efficiency and control algorithms. Here the irrelevant is measured, sensors record the data of the improbable and impossible and what otherwise gets no attention from the algorithms is turned into speculation.
The Wagenhalle and Container City is ideally suited as an experimental field. The artistic and village-like structure enables the installation of many different mobile and permanently installed sensors in a manageable area.
The old telephone booths, which will be open to all visitors, will be the centre of this project. The cultural reserve is also connected to the social media interaction of visitors and artists as another way of communication. SmART City creates the basis for networking the cultural reserve and for presenting it and making it accessible for visitors, suppliers, artists and creative professionals.
In addition to workshops and the performative handover to the Wagenhalle art association, a permanent sculpture will be created in public space and form the basis for future technology-based art projects.
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