Le Cube – online exhibition

23.09.2021 Exhibition

To celebrate their 20 years of existence le Cube is presenting an online exhibition. Nintendogs is one of the artworks, that will be shown in this art exhibition.

Exhibition: „AI, Who are you?“
Opening: 23.09.21
Duration: 23.09. – 30.09.21
Curation: Clément Thibault, artist director at le C u b e

Meet Ada, the artificial intelligence, who will guide you through the exhibition. She is a Bot by the company Emet, who will promise you immortality by synthesizing your Consciousness with digital computer Networks. This evokes the question: Do Computer programs have feelings? Can they play or even create?

The Artists discover in this exhibition the creative field in between fiction, video games and Art and challenge our view on humanity in the times of artificial intelligence

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