Knittax v2

kinetic sculpture
Knitting machine, yarn, indian ink, electronics
200cm x 250cm x 40cm

Knittax v2 is a wall installation consisting of an automatic knitting machine, knitted fabric, a clamping system for the yarn and a transport system for the knitting carriage. When the yarn is used up the knitted fabric will get unravelled to wind up a new ball of yarn and the process starts again. An infinite cycle of knitting and unravelling begins. Since the yarn is irregularly dyed in black and white it creates a coloured pattern on the knitted fabric which reminds of the white noise of a TV without reception. The result is a non-self-similar Loop which acts as a symbolic stand in for all the technical malfunctions of our life. 

„In physics noise generally means an unspecified disturbance with a wide frequency spectrum. Therefore, it can be interpreted as a superposition of many oscillations or waves of different amplitude and frequency or wavelength.“ – Wikipedia

Knittax v2 was founded by a project-grant of the Karin-Abt Straubing Foundation in 2012/13:

The project wouldn´t be possible without the big support by Christof Wezel (die Schmiede)!