Die Straße lenkt ab

„Die Straße lenkt ab“ is an interactive audio play with anecdotes from future urban development.

Experience it on your own phone and in real urban space. The story can be started at any subway stop, and the walk is then guided by the audio play. This creates an interweaving of real-public and fictional-virtual space around the development of the city in the near future. Similar to how we look back today, for example, on the great transformation in Heslach that was made possible by the construction of the Heslach Tunnel in 1991, the audio play looks back on future transformations of the city.

By combining a specially developed game mechanic in the form of an interactive telephone computer (IVR) with navigation apps, an interactive fictional story can be experienced in real space. The setting and plot of this story is this specific route through the city of Stuttgart in the near future (around 2050) and the everyday life in the city, which has been greatly changed by climate change. At the beginning, players are asked questions by the telephone computer. Depending on the players‘ decisions, a different fictional reality in the near future develops through which the players can then walk. During the phone call, walkers can decide for themselves at some points how the route should continue for them.

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