Binary Loop Objects

23.06.2021 Exhibition

Binary Loop Objects
Machine Scupltures by Fabian Kühfuß

Opening: Fri 25.06.21, 16:00-20:00
Exhibition: 26.06. – 30.06.2021
Opening hours:
Thur/ Fr 17:00-20:00
Sat         11:00-17:00
Sun        14:00-17:00
Free admission

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Kunstraum 34 in cooperation with Stuttgarter Filmwinter –  Festival for Expanded Media (Wand 5 e.V.)

The tasks of machines in our everyday business are clearly defined: machines are our technical assistants. Fabian Kühfuß grants his machine objects the freedom not to be valid, predictable, and profit oriented. He strips everyday objects from their predetermined purpose and gives them a new raison d’être. In this way, machines advance to become autonomous performers that claim their own aesthetic access to the world.
But if, for instance the Endless Runner casually enters his fitness data for the artist into the system, it reduces this very system to absurdity at the same time. And, in our stead, raises a multitude of critical questions: where exactly are the borderlines between subject and object, how do BLOBs – big binary data objects – interact with their respective data banks, and what actually happens with these, i.e., our data? And what’s more important: what parts of me could actually be outsourced? Ageing? The human desire to improve? So, who is the real human now?