10th Athens Video Art Festival

11.07.2014 Exhibition

Hilarious dialog with ALICE will be shown at the exhibition of the 10th Athens Video Art Festival from 2nd to 5th October!

From the Festival-website:
The International Festival of Digital Arts and New Media, Athens Video Art Festival, celebrates its ten-year long faithful presence in free expression of the arts and new technologies returning to the familiar paths of “Technopolis” of City of Athens from 2 to 5 October.
Through a series of screenings, exhibitions, performing actions, workshops, lectures and academic presentations the festival combines the industrial heritage of the old gas factory with digital arts and technology, aiming at providing cultural energy that will illuminate the city and expanding creativity to the edge.
This year’s edition of Athens Video Art Festival aims to present a multifaceted undertaking a multifaceted artistic nature harmoniously linking eight categories : video art, animation, applications, installations, performances, digital image, web art, music, set up the network by associating the emergence of various sources of expression with the need for a re-”establishment” art . It discovers, unlocks and interacts on a new basis with all aspects and possibilities of lively spaces of “Technopolis” of City of Athens for coformulating an active core of social innovation.“

>>Festival program as PDF