Behind the smart World

From 21.st to the 26.th of May i´m invited for the first part of the researchlab-project "Behind the smart World". Founded by Artists Andreas Zingele an Linda Kronman (knows as the colaboration KairUs.org) and hosted at the "Research.radical-openness", the research lab from the “Art Meets Radical Openness Festival”, in Linz (AT).

In 2014 Andreas and Linda bought 22 harddrives from the world biggest e-waste dumb, Agbogbloshie in Accra, Ghana. Now they invited nine european artists to work with the recovered data from those harddrives. At the end of the Artlab in May 2015 first prototypes will be shown and a selection of the wors will be presented at the Art Meets Radical Openess Festival in 2016.

Will be intersting to work with lost data. Maybe they will tell their own storys like the lost Super 8 material.