Knittax v2

kinetic sculpture


Knitting machine, yarn, indian ink, electronics

200cm x 250cm x 40cm

Knittax v2 is a wall installation of a knitting machine, knitted fabric, a clamping system for the yarn and a transport system for the knitting carriage. The yarn of the knitted fabric forms a circuit in which the substance is unraveled again after the rolls and the yarn then is used for knitting back in knitting machine. Since the yarn is irregularly dyed in black and white it creates a colored pattern on the knitted fabric which is reminiscent of the white noise of a TV without reception. The result is a non-self-similar, a mathematically computable chart of versions of a Loop. 


"In physics noise generally means an unspecified disturbance with a wide frequency spectrum. Therefore it can be interpreted as a superposition of many oscillations or waves of different amplitude and frequency or wavelength." – Wikipedia








Knittax v2  is 2012/13 funded by a project-grant of the:

The project wouldn´t be possible without the big support by Christof Wezel (die Schmiede)!